Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter? Fall?

b & w leaves fallen
Our winters here in SoCal look more like fall. It's crisp and cool, the leaves finally changing colors and start falling, and we get a bit of rain (more so this year than most). We actually camped at Silver Strand (beach) last year and had wonderful weather. No snow down this far (elev. 1442) so far, though it's gotten down to 28 degrees, but Julian got a bit this year (4235) and many people headed up to enjoy it.
Dan's been raking up the leaves, only to find a new mass of them the next day. It gives him temporary satisfaction to see his yard clear for a few hours.
I just love the colors of the fallen leaves...so must also post one in color. I wish we had more variety of color that they have in other areas of the country but it's still nice to see a change.

Oops, thought I was posting this over at my Photo blog, Mailboxes etc., but will leave (no pun intended) it up here. Feel free to hop over there for more of my stuff.

Happy Fall, er Winter all. I'll be posting a best of 2008 slideshow soon.

Have a Happy New Year!
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