Friday, January 30, 2009

The zoo, buddhas, cookies, seed balls and cars (what do they have in common?)

Some of our troop
They're all part of the girl scout fun our troop took part in this week! We are so lucky to have such a great group of girls and moms in our girl scout troop. The girls and the siblings all get along really well, and the moms are really helpful and involved. This week we had a busy week with our troop which started with a trip to the San Diego Zoo for our Cookie Kick Off Rally.
Cookie Rally
This year's theme is "Imagine if....we could change the world", and the mascot is Eco Elle the friendly elephant. The girls got to participate in some cookie and theme related crafts, practice their selling techniques (they even had real doors they had to knock on and were answered by the older girl scouts). The Daisys (5-6 years old) played fun games and learned songs.

After the Rally we got to enjoy the zoo with our friends. I hadn't been there in years, since Violet was about 3 or so and Olivia had never been before, so it was a fun experience for them both and we'll be sure to come back soon.

Zhen Zhen
We saw the pandas, which Violet was really excited about. She even donated $5 of her own money towards their programs. I think Olivia had the most fun climbing on the silver polar bear sculptures.

After the zoo, we had lunch under the giant fig tree in Balboa Park and the kids ran around and played games. Olivia had fun chasing around a remote controlled motorized car that another family was playing with in the grass. They were even nice enough to let her try it out.

Playing at Balboa Park

A few days later, we had a Cookie party at our house where the girls got to sample this year's cookies, make some signs for our booth sales (where we sell cookies in front of retailers), then we went down to my favorite local garden shop, Designer Stone Garden Shop to learn about making stone statuaries. They got to make some of their own and bring one home.
Shake, shake, shake it!
Shaking the mold to settle it, before adding more concrete.
Violet brought home a flower with a peace sign in it.
Earth in a flower
Olivia made one with the earth in a flower.

You may have seen some of the buddhas they make there in prior posts.....see the buddha kitty in the right side bar that I bought for my mom for Christmas this last year.
Buddha in the garden
And this one in my garden. Violet also recently got a dolphin buddha.

The make wonderful sculptures there and they are available online here and at garden retail shops. They also have many beautiful garden decor and some gardening tools. (I love supporting local businesses!)

After our visit we came back to our house to make seed balls for re-vegetation in the local areas that were affected by the fires from the recent years. We all had fun getting our hands dirty making little inch wide balls which were dropped off at the local Wildlife Preserve, where we will be going to a Hawk Watch later this week.

Our troop does many exciting, fun activities throughout the year and is supported partly through the cookie sales that the girls participate in. So, be sure to go support your local girl scouts. It's a terrific organization for all girls who join. Funds also support scholarships for girls from needy families.

My friend Dawn, (our girl scout leader) got some more great pics you can see over at her blog, This Life is Worth Living.
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