Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heritage Park Victorian Village

The Christian House
After a lovely time visiting with our friends who were down from L. A. for the weekend, Violet and I headed over to Heritage Park in Old Town. I'd never been to this part of Old Town before but was looking for a nice place for photos, and was not disappointed. It's a beautiful little row of historical houses that were built in the 1800s, some were moved there from various other locations in San Diego. There's a tea parlor in one of the houses called Mrs. Burton's Tea Parlor. I see a future visit there with my mom in the near future! I found that some of the houses are used as B&Bs but are currently not open, and should be open for business some time in the fall. Would make a nice weekend getaway with the hubby.

I love these old houses! Wouldn't it be amazing to live in one? This one Violet said looks like a Spiderwick house...fortunately, we didn't find any mean brownies or hobgoblins around!
Heritage Park
More of the houses and little village can be found in my flickr group Heritage Park. I'm a day late with Best Shot Monday as yesterday was President's Day, a holiday here in the states and Dan was home and helped (a lot!) around the house with laundry, tidying up the girls rooms, making beds, and just hanging out with the girls. So, go check out some more BSMs at Tracey's new location, same name, Mother May I and have a great week!

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