Monday, March 30, 2009

3 x 10 = friends, family, fun!

Peace out to the cake
Violet and 2 of her good friends are turning 10 this week! They celebrated together at the beach with some of our unschooling friends, & family this Sunday. We enjoyed good food and a beautiful, tasty cake made by birthday boy Robbie's mom, Renee. Isn't it beautiful?!

The Birthday Trio; Robbie, Violet & Kai
Bday kids

We celebrated with good food, good friends, wind socks, dog piling Jeff, playing at the adjacent park, cool weather, a bonfire, playing in the sand, jumping & rolling down sand hills, and dipping our feet in the cold, cold water! It was an awesome day!

Lots more photos of the fun here. And, Ginger will be posting a vimeo on her blog, as well!
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