Monday, March 23, 2009

Colorful dreams, colorful life

Sweet Dreams.....
Lots of color in our week, this week. We went to a Native American arts and crafts group at our friend Gardenia's and made Dreamcatchers. Easy and fun to make. My friend has a very colorful house filled with lots of beautiful Mexican artwork from her country of origin. Beautiful, colorful tapestries, bead art work, paintings. Love it. Right up my alley.
Here's a clearer shot of her colorful tablecloth and pretty dried flowers on the table. Makes me want to make a trip down to Cabo, or Puerto Vallarta, hey a girl's gotta dream....

Colorful table
"ortonized" on picnik just for some added fun.

Tracey asks what your Best Shot is about this week. Won't you join the fun?

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