Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Early Spring

So many lovely signs of Spring to be found here.....

After the unusual, but well needed amount of rain, and now beautiful sunshine filled days, the fruit trees are blossoming, new life is emerging from the moist fertile soil, and the scent of spring is here.

blossoms in the sky

Our little lemon tree out back was loaded with lemons. Looks like we'll be making a fresh batch of lemonade soon!

juicy lemons

Violet & I planted some seedlings indoors and they're already sprouting and ready to be transplanted outdoors soon.

my babies

Existing plants are perking up. This bulb was hiding out underneath my bedroom window and displayed a lovely purple flower recently.

purple flower (not sure what kind)

My rosemary is all abloom! I love the smell of rosemary and looking forward to my lavender plants blooming as well.


I love the new life that is apparent throughout our little piece of paradise. Has spring sprung for you yet? Have a wonderful day!
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