Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy, busy weekend.......(and a BSM)

On an expedition
We had a busy, busy weekend celebrating both of the girls' birthdays. Violet with a sleepover with a couple of her friends and Livie with a full blown birthday party with many of our friends and family. Violet's friends came quite early so they had lots of time to play. Jumping on the trampoline was a favorite, as well as scrapbooking, having spa treatments (complete with cucumber slices on the eyes and oatmeal/banana scrubs on their faces), and a fun little hike up the hill down the street from us. Life doesn't get any more authentic than that.

I picked the one above as one of my faves. I always seem to be at the back of the pack (with my camera), but some of the best moments are captured from my vantage point. Plus, when they're not posing, just being kids, out in nature, we get to see and capture the most authentic moments in life. More authentic moments and BSMs (Best Shot Mondays) can be found over at Tracey Clark's Blog. I'll be posting more birthday pics soon, but in the mean time they can be found over on my flickr.

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