Monday, April 27, 2009

Glad to be home


When you're in a beautiful place you just want to soak it all in and keep it with you forever. There was several "in the moment" moments while in Jamaica on vacation where I would pause my mind, feel the air, the wind, take in the scents, feel the warmth, and capture the moment I was in, if just only for a moment. I wanted to bring it home with me and remember it and be able go to that place whenever the need might arise.

Some of the moments would be while laying, floating in the warm, salty Caribbean waters, others while watching the girls laugh and play in the lazy river, and some just watching my family enjoy a good meal at the restaurant overlooking the sea during a beautiful sunset. There were so many.

I'm still thankful and happy to be home though as well. I love my comfortable little home where we all can relax, be with our other family members (our pets), and be with our friends & family whom we miss if only for a week away from them. The routine that is our life. The place we long and love to be is exactly where we are, be it in a beautiful exotic location or our happy, cozy home.

Shared with Tracey over at Mother May I for Best Shot Monday.

More of our Jamaican vacation can be found here, here (sunset), and here (flowers).
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