Monday, April 13, 2009

A Lovely Easter

Easter tulips

We spent Saturday afternoon visiting my brother's new home up north of us with his fiance, Robin and her two children Adam & Sarah and my mom and dad. My brother, Martin reconnected with his girlfriend from 25 years ago this past year. Martin, who is a year and a half younger than I, left for college the fall after the summer he met Robin, and so ended their summer romance. Martin stayed on the east coast for some time, then finally ended up in Monterrey for quite some time. Robin, meanwhile, married had children and ultimately divorced and stayed in the area we grew up in. One day, Martin recieved a friendly anonymous comment on his blog. Intriqued, he went back and forth with her until he discovered it was "the girl that got away". They both still had strong feelings for each other and as fate would have it reconnected, fell in love and now are living together with plans of marriage in the near future. Don't you love happy endings?! We've been getting to know Robin and her family better over the last few months and I'm really happy to be having her join our family. Her kids are beautiful and kind. My girls are happy to have new cousins joining our family and it's a treat to get to visit and hang out with them. Saturday was our first time up to their home and I was pleasantly surprised to find such a cute, warm cottagey feeling home. It was decorated with lovely pastels and brights and had so many interesting, eclectic finds to discover. It was especially pretty with all of the Easter decor they had put out for the festivities. I had fun just roaming around and taking it all in. Violet enjoyed reading stories to Sarah, who has special needs, and is unable to move about without her wheelchair, and unable to communicate verbally, but is very verbal through some sign language and a machine that allows her to communicate as well. She loves being read to and has a wonderful sense of humor. Adam is a teen who loves wii games, playing musical instruments and drawing cartoons. He draws a great Kirby and Calvin & Hobbes! Unfortunately, that day my brother was having a bout with diviculatitis (I think that's what it is called) which results in some extreme stomach pains. He had to go to the ER and be checked out and needed some pain medicine and antibiotics. My mom took him over and we all stayed and helped Robin and proceeded to have a nice meal. Fortunately, Martin was able to return and visit with us before we left. The girls had a fun time looking for eggs in their home that the (very tall) Easter Bunny had hidden for them. We enjoyed a brined turkey that Martin had prepared (before leaving) as well as yams, mashed pototatoes, brussel sprouts, salad, green bean casserole and a tasty chocolate cake and homemade lemon curd ice cream that Robin had made.

Easter Sunday, Olivia got a Spiderman Easter basket from the Easter bunny and Violet a huge chocolate Easter Bunny. Then, they found many Easter eggs in both the front and back yards that the Easter Bunny had hid for them. We then relaxed for much of the rest of the day watched Bedtime Stories (that they had recieved from nana & grandpa for Easter) and went out for some Mexican food later.

Lots more photos here, and the one above was my fave as an Easter shot, so I'm sharing with BSMs over at Tracey's blog. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well and a great week ahead!

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