Sunday, May 31, 2009

A walk through Vancouver, WA

Purple flowers
Last year when we went to Life is Good Unschooling Conference in Vancouver, WA we only spent 4 days there and didn't rent a we really didn't see much of Portland and Vancouver but had a fabulous time nonetheless. This year I decided to spend some more time up there and rent a car. We also did more exploring outside of the hotel at the local park and downtown Vancouver. And, before we came home we went to Chinatown in Portland and the Oregon Zoo. A slideshow collage of the actual conference can be found in my prior post...but here I wanted to share some photos of the beauty found in Vancouver.
There's a lovely river walk that takes you from the Red Lion hotel, where we stayed, by the Columbia bridge, and over to the Fort Vancouver and historic buildings in the area. It was a lovely walk along the river lined with beautiful flowers. The weather was perfect for a stroll. One afternoon after dinner my mom & I went for a short hike with the girls, then I took a more lengthy one later in our trip with my friend Colleen with our cameras in tow.
It was very enjoyable to take our time and have the chance to take lots of photos and just chat about unschooling and the conference.
Fort Vancouver
There were so many beautiful flowers along the way.

more flowers
These irises were out in front of one of the historical homes.
It was so nice to spend the morning strolling with my friend and enjoying beautiful Vancouver.

I'll be posting more photos from our trip on another post.
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