Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wild Thing, I think I love you.....

Lots of beautiful wild flowers seen recently while out and about on our adventures.....
baby thistle
A baby thistle I saw up on the side of the old highway which is on my friend's property up in Santa Ysabel. She took us on a little botany hike and identified many of the native wildflowers and shrubs there.
The Lone Wildflower
This one was taken while on a hike up at Dos Picos while there for a girl scout overnighter camping trip.
Wildflowers @ Dos Picos
Another one taken at Dos Picos.
It's such a beautiful time of year to be out and about on little hikes and adventures. We went to San Diegito yesterday. I didn't have my camera out with me, but we saw ducks and their ducklings and lots of turtles at the pond. On our way out to do errands today we saw that the neighborhood ostriches had a baby, then on closer inspection we saw 7 huge black ostrick eggs on the property! Amazing to see.

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful wildlife as well this week!
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