Monday, June 29, 2009

Dessert time!

hydrangeas from my back yard

We went to my mom and dad's for a bbq this Sunday and visit with them and my brother Martin, his fiance Robin and her two children. It was a very warm day, (in the 90s). I had picked some hydrangeas from my backyard and they wilted as soon as they got in Dan's car....but fortunately perked back up once in a vase and with more water at mom's. We had some very tasty filet mignon wrapped with bacon, teriyaki chicken, mom's homemade potato salad (the best!), coleslaw with walnuts, baked bean, rolls and finished it all off with an array of desserts. Strawberries, boysenberry ice cream & vanilla, chocolate cake, angel food cake, whipped cream, toppings! Mmmm, it was all so wonderful!

huge strawberries!

Adam was getting ready to dig in to some angel food and whipped cream....

Dan pushed his face in the whipped cream!

When Dan pushed his face down into it!


It woulda been my best shot, but Violet's reaction was so cute and funny I think I'd have to choose it as my BSM for this week.


As you can see, her top front tooth is coming in! Finally, the expander in her mouth is working! We're so happy. That gap has been empty for going on 2 years!

We had really fun times at my mom and dad's and played a fun word game that Martin taught us. I think it was called Haberdash (correct me if you know it). Someone picks a word from the dictionary and everyone comes up with a meaning for it. It's then mixed in with the real meaning , by the person that picks the real meaning from the dictionary, and everyone has to guess which one is correct. It leads to a lot of funny answers and laughter and cool that we learn some new words as well.

For more fun and beautiful BSM (best shot Mondays) go on over to Tracey's blog Mother May I and join in the fun if you like. Be sure to link on her site and welcome to link yours in my comments as well, so I can visit you!

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