Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gonna eat a lot of peaches...


the ripe ones

I posted on my facebook (you can find me under Mandy Sicard) the other day, "moving to the country, gonna eat a lot peaches...." A few people recognized the song by Presidents of the United States of America, "Peaches". I've had that song on my mind for several days now, & so have the girls (after I blared it several dozens of times on my ipod! LOL!). We had peaches dripping from our little peach tree out back when we got back from LIG. The birds had helped themselves to a few, so I knew it was time to pick them. I had about 3 bag fulls and decided I wanted to try to can some. I've never canned before so I enlisted some help from friends whom I knew had canned before. Flo sent me a recipe for canning and brought some canning tools, Kirsten brought her pressure cooker, Ginger helped peel, and Gardenia helped as well. The kids all came prepared to swim and play.

facepainting fun

It turned into quite a fun play day.

They also had fun face painting and hair painting!


Looks like she's ready to sing her "Barnie's on fire" song (she sang at the LIG talent show)
big sis anjou
An adorable little butterfly face....
butterfly face

And then some trampoline fun!
Trampoline fun

It feels so good to be home with our unschooling buddies in San Diego.
canned peaches
Mmm, and lovely canned peaches after such a fun day. Doesn't get any better....

And look at this little peach! Too adorable to eat!

wee anjou

Fun times! Thanks friends for helping me out. We can look forward to some tasty peach pies, and peaches ala mode!
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