Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smushi and other creations going on

Violet created these "frushi" she discovered in an American Girl magazine at the library the other day. She decided to make it for her girl scout troop's swim day at the community center pool this week. They are made with fruit rolls, bananas, pink sugar. The wasabi for dipping them was made from key lime yogurt. The kids all really enjoyed them. Olivia calls them "smushi". They put us all in the mood for some real sushi, so the next night our family went out for some real "smushi" at the local Sushi restaurant. Way to go, Violet!!!

Olivia's been creating a lot with legos pretty much everyday. She had created a work area on the fireplance mantle. I've been looking for lego plates and recently found some at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney from our recent trip there. I'm on the look out for a real table to affix them to but in the meantime she's quite happy with her little Lego area.


Here's a creation of men jumping on a trampoline (one of her other favorite things to do)

Livie and her lego creations

She builts lots of her own creations of rockets, and spaceships (using the Star Wars kits)

plane Aircraft

I just love her creativity with her Legos.

Violet is still going to art classes with her teacher Heather McKey. I love her teacher she is such a sweet lady. She's so kind to the girls and we always hang out and chat for a bit when I pick Violet up. Olivia and I play in her garden sometimes while waiting for her or go down to the lcoal park. Heather has beautiful artwork of her own which can be found at her website, where she has beautiful artwork for sale.

Violet drew this copy of Georgia O'Keefe's Lily for me. I think it's simply beautiful!

Other things we've been up to is visiting with friends who came down for 2 days and went to the Maritme museum and the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Perhaps another blog post later, or you can always go check out the photos in my flickr!

Off to do some more creating! What are you creating?
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