Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun times on the 4th

smile says it all!
mmm, gonna eat me a s'more!!!! (My BSM for that look of anticipation on her face!)

munch, munch,munch
almost too big for her mouth....

mmm, gooey goodness

Gooey goodness!!!

Gotta love those smores. What kind of goodness did July 4th bring you? Be sure to check out Tracey Clark's blog Mother May I for some more BSMs (Best Shot Mondays) this week.

Also, you can check out my flickr for more of our 4th of July fun. We bbq'd with some good neighbors, swam, had s'mores, watched fireworks from atop a hill, then back to the house for some fun times playing Rock Band on Wii.

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