Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Silhouettes

Violet asked me to take some silhouette shots of her while at the park for a concert last week. Here's a few that I took.


A close up


This one I couldn't get low enough and not enough of a horizon to get her feet, but she was jumping in the air.


Took this one on the way out of the park, after the concert


Dawn posted some more from the Beatles tribute band's concert at the park you can check it out here. And one I took for BSM (Best Shot Monday) over at my other blog, Mailboxes etc.

I'll be selling some of my prints at the Good Vibrations Conference September 10-13, if you're interested, please stop by my table at the entrepreneurial tables. Violet will be selling some artwork as well. Are you going? Hope to see you there, it's coming up quickly!!!!

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