Monday, August 17, 2009

The UN Co-op

egg creations

We have this new co-op group, called the Un co-op which is a kid's group with activities based on ideas that the kids come up with. This week we had egg-painting, tapdancing, playing with clay, playing with Kapla blocks, landscape designing, and in prior weeks we've had Create a World (where the kids colloborated and created a world "Humana", with people with purple hair and 6 toes (for luck), horse sized dogs, and they eat mashed bananas with cinnamon and coconut milk!), jewelry making, storytime and more. We've been meeting at a local club and have been able to do all of the activities outside. It's often followed by swimming or mini-golfing or games of tag or hide and seek. The kids are having a wonderful time with it and coming up with some really exciting, fun and different types of activities.

Happy Feet!!!
Our friend lead up a tapdancing activity. She taught the little girls and big girls (myself included) a few tap dance moves and also a mini-routine which all the younger girls especially loved!

Olivia had a lot of fun building with Kapla blocks, but also really enjoyed the clay time.
Kapla blocks
Violet had orignally had the idea of painting Ostrich eggs, but came to find they were $19 each at the local street side vegetable stand in San Pasqual, so chicken eggs had to do for now!

More photos of some of the fun can be found in my flickr.
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