Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm picking up Good Vibrations!

Livie playing drums
The Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference started with a bang....a drum bang or two, down at Torrey Pines State Beach, where we had our opening day beach potluck. We couldn't have asked for a nicer Southern California sun-shining, good vibrations kind of day!
We played, and drummed, and ate, and swam until the sun went down. Then headed over to the Doubletree Hotel in Del Mar to start 4 days of fun with close to 500 unschoolers from several different countries and from all over the U.S.
Violet and her Webkinz Funshop
There were so many funshops to choose from this year, it was difficult to choose which ones to make. Violet had a Webkinz funshop where kids brought their Webkinz friends and their laptops and played with them in a virtual world. Some of us played with the Webkinz animals and played some fun games that we made up as we went along, hide and seek with the Webkinz, duck-duck-webkinz, and dancing with them. We had fun and made new friends.
Juliet and Livie
Other funshops the girls and I enjoyed were Warrior Cats, International Candy Tasting, Scooby Doo Mystery,
Rope making, dress up, and Olivia hosted a Lego Maniacs funshop.

Livie & friends

Int'l Candy tasting
Other events that happened during the conference were speakers, chats, a talent show, Contradancing (a square dance type dance where a caller calls out the moves), and a performance by the Greybeards and their sexy back up chick singers. My mom (nana) came out on Saturday and went with me to hear Sandra Dodd speak, which we both really enjoyed. I also really enjoyed Roya Sorooshian and Pam Sorooshian's presentations. I loved hearing how unschooling worked for families who's children are now grown up and out on their own.

We also participated in the entrepreneurial fair this year which occurred during the Amy Steinberg concert on the patio. Violet sold some prints of her artwork and I sold some prints of some of my photos. We both did pretty well.
Violet & friends

The conference ended with a picnic at Peppergrove Park in Balboa Park. The kids played and enjoyed some nitrogen ice cream (see GVUC flickr group pool for photos) and said goodbye to their friends that they had made over the weekend.


We all had an amazing time and are really hopeful that it will happen again next year! More of my photos from the weekend can be found here and there is a group pool here with many photos and many more being added daily.
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