Monday, September 21, 2009

Palomar Observatory

The Observatory

Our girl scout troop took a trip to the Observatory at Palomar Mountain recently. It was 5550 ft elevation and a nice change of weather for us when we reached the top. It's a scenic, but very windy road that takes you up through Santa Ysabel and up above Lake Henshaw. Gorgeous views all around, you can see beautiful valleys down below. There's a nice little center outside the observatory with movies and photos taken with the telescopes and information about the observatory and the images taken there. There are images of nebulae, stars & clusters, & galaxies.

There's 5 telescopes with varying sizes, but the biggest being Hale Telescope at 200" wide. We were able to go inside and see the magnitude of it and were given a tour both inside and out. The telescopes were closed during the recent fires in protect the mirrors on the telescopes. The kids had a great time, but were especially interested in the hyperbolic coin funnel in the information center, and enjoyed having penny races with each other.

Hyperbolic coin funnel

The Observatory
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