Sunday, September 20, 2009

Something smells a Little Fishy

Tidepool petting area

Playing a little catch up with my blog posts. We've been really busy lately doing lots of fun, exciting things, hanging with friends, being with life! Oh, and going to the Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference. So without further ado....this will be the 1st post of a few of the past couple of weeks around here.
We went to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps a couple weeks ago to pick up some brochures for the conference. It was our first time to this local aquarium and we had a wonderful time seeing the exhibits and being by the beach for the afternoon. It's located along the beautiful coastline right above La Jolla Shores.

Butterfly fish
This beautiful Butterfly fish eats the coral and spits it out, creating sand.

I think our favorite though were the jellyfish.

Their fluid, flowing movement kept the girls and my attention while the girls merrily sang "jellyfishing, jellyfishing!" (from Sponge Bob)

The girls also both enjoyed the tidepool located out on a deck overlooking La Jolla. They touched some sea anemones and giggled as they closed upon touch. A small shark tank was also located outside and a huge replica of a large shark the girls had fun peeking through it's big shark teeth!

It was a really warm day at the beach, so it was rather unusual to find that as we drove up the hill home it got cold and cloudy and started to rain! It was a nice change for us though, and we enjoyed the coolness for a little bit of the afternoon before the clouds disappeared and it once again got warm. More photos of the aquarium can be found in my flickr pool.
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