Monday, October 5, 2009

To infinity and beyond.....


We had a really fun day visiting the San Diego Museum of Air & Space recently while there to see the Da Vinci Experience Exhibit with friends.

Here's our friend Kade, spreading peace throughout the universe!

Peace on the moon

The Da Vinci Experience exhibit was amazing! Definitely worth the money paid to see it. The man was a genius. To see replicas of all of the amazing things he designed and invented is mind blowing. Reproductions can also be seen of some of his famous paintings including the Mona Lisa. Olivia & I fell to the back of our group because she had a little run in with the mud out in front of the museum (LOL), but it was nice because she really enjoyed taking her time seeing all of the inventions up close and enjoyed being able to pull, crank, push those that were interactive. She really enjoyed the collapsible bridge, the pulleys, and the aqua duct pipes.



Ball rolling down the tubes

Olivia has often said she'd like to be a scientist when she grows up, and after seeing the exhibit she repeated this sentiment and added she'd like to invent a cookie that will make children live sweet Olivia.

The kids all really enjoyed the "Snoopy" room. A room dedicated to the relationship between the Charlie Brown characters and the Space program. They had dress-up for the kids to play in, so they spent a good hour or more just playing and pretending in that room before the museum was closing and we had to leave.

The history of flight and of airplanes was really interesting to see. They also had a PSA section with a timeline of stewardesses uniforms throughout the years. I really enjoyed the 70s go-go boots and mini skirt...was fun to see. There were interesting movies throughout the museum as well, and our friend Kai and his mom Ginger spent some time enjoying those while the rest of us were in the Snoopy room.

More photos of the day can be found here. The Da Vinci Experience runs through Jan 3, 2010. The San Diego Museums have a free Tuesdays program, you can check their calender to see which museums are free on specific Tuesdays. The Da Vinci Experience and other special showings are not included.
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