Monday, October 5, 2009

Volcanic eruptions in San Diego!

Pretty volcanos
My BSM (Best Shot Monday) this week.

The kids made volcanoes this last week at co-op. They made the shell of the volcano with salt dough and covered up plastic bottles. They mixed them with some color and some of the kids got very creative in decorating them with seeds and flowers. A very colorful mix of volcanoes we had!

For the lava just mix 1 tbsp. liquid dish washing soap, 1 tbsp. baking soda and a few drops of red food coloring in a cup. Pore it into the bottle. Then you just add a 1/4 c. of white vinegar and watch the lava spew out!

Lava flowing

Violet's volcano

Sharing with BSM over at Tracey Clark's blog Mother May I. My BSM is the first all the different colored volcanoes we came up with.
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