Monday, November 16, 2009

November already??!!

Halloween buddies

It's already mid-November...where did this year go? I had meant to post some Halloween photos and somehow got distracted! We did so many fun things this year. Halloween is really so much fun. We went to a Halloween Potluck party at our Unschooling group's park day. The kids came dressed up and played some fun games; donuts on a string, pie throwing, guess what's in a box-with your hand (a heart, guts, etc....), they decorated sugar skulls, and even had an outdoors scary (well, maybe not that scary) haunted forest. Most of all, though, just being with our friends and having a good time was what it was all about.
LIvie and her buddy

Blast off!

We also made it out to the local pumpkin patch early enough this year to pick out some nice pumpkins. It was during the week, so very quiet, and we had the place to ourselves. Nana came with us. We went through the corn field maze, shot corn with a corn shooter at targets, visited the goats and pigs and horses, and picked out a couple of pumpkins, which we later carved with Dan.

One of our friends had a UNICEF Halloween Party. Again, the kids dressed up and played some fun games, then some went trick-or-treating for UNICEF (for change) afterwards or gave a donation. They played a roll the pumpkin game and a "wrap" the mummy (or daddy, in this case). Another friend, a neighbor, had a Halloween Party the weekend before Halloween. Violet was at a friend's house for a sleepover, but Olivia had a great time decorating pumpkins and dancing in the dark to Michael Jackson's song, Thriller (my neighbor is a huge MJ fan!).

We went merchant trick or treating on the Friday before Halloween. It was during the day and the merchants handed out candy to the kids. My kids went about a block and a half (about 4 or 5 blocks of merchants were handing out candies on both sides of the streets) and Olivia said, "I have enough candy, I'm done trick or treating".
So, you can see my girls had a lot of fun this Halloween. Violet had several Halloween costumes that she wore this year, a hippy, a witch, a cheetah. Olivia was Boba Fett, (from Star Wars). They both had lots of fun times with friends and we all enjoyed this Fall Season very much. We had a wonderful time at a Seasonal dinner the other night with good friends. Mostly local-organic foods were shared and a fun "snow-ball" game that Violet organized at the end of the evening. Fun times....

Lots (believe me, LOTS!!! more photos in my flickr groups, Fall 2009, UNICEF Halloween Party, SD Unschoolers Halloween Party.

My little brother is getting married in about 2 weeks....I'm really excited for him. His first love, Robin, reunited after almost 30 years! Will have to post that story soon.....Congrats Martin & Robin! I'm very happy for you both!
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