Sunday, November 8, 2009

Slurp, slurp, slurp and some altering Barbies

Altered Barbie

Violet wanted to alter some Barbies for co-op, so we pulled out some old Barbies, some paint, some scissors,clothes, and she and some of the other kids had fun painting and altering them.

Altered Barbie

Some kids were giddy with excitement at the opportunity to alter a Barbie, it was fun to see the giggles and laughter as they turned Barbie into something completely different!

Enjoyed altering her Barbie! Altering a Barbie Violet & her altered Barbie

And yes, that's Violet with new braces in that last photo! They are orange and black, because she had them put in right before Halloween. She's doing pretty well with. It's altered what she can eat, she's very anxious to be able to chew gum again...alas, it'll be a few years, probably. But, I'll buy her a huge bag of gum at the end of it all to make her happy!

We also had some Executive and Sous Chefs at co-op. One of the girls loves to cook and brought ingredients to make some yummy appetizers!

turkey roll-ups chocolate bananas!

stuffed mushrooms

They made turkey roll-ups with a cranberry, cream cheese spread, chocolate covered bananas and stuffed mushrooms. Are you slurping yet?

More photos from our co-op group are here.

Have a great week!

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