Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catching up (part 2 of 2)

Leafy Seadragon

Early December we went Scripps Birch Aquarium's Homeschool Day. I was very pleased with the way it was run. They had many hands on activities where kids and adults both, young and old, were able to touch the tide pool animals, do experiments, learn about sea animals and sea life and walk around the aquarium freely to see all the exhibits. They also had graduate students there with tables where they had their various projects they we working on like Biomes and Netfishing, overfishing, etc. They were great with the kids and the kids (& I) were really interested in their work. The docents and event coordinators were all so very nice and respectful to the children. A special "There's something about seahorses" exhibit was on display, many beautiful, exotic looking seahorses were seen. We were able to see the sharks fed and see the beautiful coral displays and starfish and other amazing displays. Such a fun time. We really look forward to more days dedicated to homeschoolers. More here.

December also brough a fun Winter Fashion Show hosted by the cadettes in our Girl Scout Troop. The girls all looked so pretty and "cool" (Olivia's description) in their Winter's best.
Violet went down the runway in a festive, red sweater dress.


While Olivia sported a red ski sweater which she wore with some shiny red pants and her jazz shoes (see Robin & Martin's wedding in Pt 1). She WORKED it, with some ninja moves and really got the crowd going!


We also got to make some tasty tamales at a friend's house. We made some sweet pineapple and dried fruit tamales, some chicken, some beef and pepperjack cheese tamales! Yummy!

mixing the masa

We managed to make a late afternoon/evening trip to the Wild Animal Park and Dan was able to join us. Which was a treat. And a girl's sleepover. A busy month, indeed!

Sleepover buddies
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