Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year and a little catching up (pt 1 of 2)

Wow! It's the New Year already and I haven't blogged since November. Life's been busy and the Holidays were fun.... Happy New Year everybody! Hope your new year is filled with love, good health, & good times!

So I'll play a little catch up with some of the things we've been up to in November and December and hopefully stay on track with January! Sooo, hold on, it might be a long one!
Darth, R2D2 and the girls
In November we had a visit from some unschooling friends from L.A. Colleen & Jerry whom we met at Life is Good several years ago and have remained good friends with and get to see occassionally (and yes, our turn to come up there C & J! I know!) We had a great time at Legoland. Olivia hadn't been there since she was really young and has since developed a huge Lego collection which she absolutely loves to play with almost everyday. So, it was quite an exciting day for her and really cool to go with such good friends. The kids and I both really enjoyed the miniature cities made entirely of Legos. The capitol was great and had the inauguration in place. So many details were included. We all got a kick out of the portapotties to the side of the capitol which had a guy with toilet paper stuck to his foot as he was coming out of it. We had a lot jokes about that afterwards. If you look close enough at the displays you get a few funny ones like this one. It makes me wonder if the builders of them put them in there after plans just for the fun of it.
Porta Potty Line
I also really enjoyed the Las Vegas strip which included all the major hotels like MGM Grand, the Luxor and Paris. Really cool to see! We had fun in the make your own lego cars room where the kids got to make cars and race them on ramps. Olivia probably could have spent the entire day there. More photos of the day and some of the girls' Lego creations are here.

Thanksgiving was spent at Nana & Grandpas and included the traditional game of pin the tail on the turkey.
Pin the tail feather on the turkey
Adam won the jar of coins that nana had collected by pinning the tail closest to the turkey's rump. We enjoyed good food, a lovely table, and a little exploring in nana's backyard.

Exploring in the garden

Oh, and the girls both got new hair styles. Both went shorter. You can see Livie has an a-line, it looks so cute on her! Violet made some awesome cookies! She made a pair of special ones for the special more about below.

Cookie plate
November brought another very exciting day, my only brother Martin got married! He married his pre-college, summer love, Robin. Very romantic story....they reunited after 25 years apart through the internet! Robin left an anonymous comment on his blog and he was very happy to discover it was her, as he still had feelings for her after all these years, as did she for him.
The newly married couple
So our family has grown. We have not only Robin, but her two beautiful children Adam and Sarah. We welcome and are excited to have them as part of our lives. It has enriched us in so many ways. Congrats Martin & Robin, we love you!

Violet was a flower girl (which has been a long-time wish of hers) and Livie was the ninja girl.

Confetti girl

Let's celebrate!

Violet wore a pretty purple flowered dress that matched what Sarah was wearing, also a flower girl and Livie picked out a cute little black jacket and white cotton button down shirt which she wore with some red silky track pants and black leather dance shoes. Stylin'! Livie scattered confetti along the aisle and as you can see, it became a shower of confetti after the ceremony. As she often does, she had her shoes off, and walked down the aisle barefoot! I have a feeling she'll be married barefoot, someday! They both had such a great time.

Amazingly, it had been a very rainy weekend, and the skies opened up clear and blue right before and during the backyard cermony! And on our way up from San Diego there we saw a beautiful double rainbow....what a beautiful day it turned out to be.

This is one of my faves from the day of Livie. She was her usual bundle of energy and made a few friends while there.


It was a "potluck chuck wedding". Guests brought dishes and were encouraged to wear their "chucks" (hi-top converse sneakers), a favorite of Robin's. The girls made piggies in a blanket (little sausages wrapped in crescent roll dough) and served with ketchup and mustard which were quite the hit! There was a guitar soloist playing some lovely background music throughout the day. More photos of the day can be found here.

As you can see, a lot of catching up to do...I think I'll make this a two-part post as to not overwhelm myself or you!

Hope your New Year's Eve was a good one and that you have a wonderful year throughout!

Peace & Love!

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