Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tower Room with a View

Tower from the northside

There are so many interesting, fun places to go to in San Diego. And, the desert is the perfect place to go in the winter time, when it's not hitting the 110s and higher! It was a lovely mid 60s when we went to the Desert View Tower in Jacumba this past week. It's about an hour east of San Diego and well worth the drive which was another 1/2 hour for us. Built in the early 1900's it was a stage coach stop for early settler travelers and for Native Americans a way station for 100's of years. The tower was actually built from the old planks from "Old Plank Road".

I'm not scared of no skull faces!

Painted lizard in the boulder caves

The girls and I had a great time exploring the boulders there. There were some painted boulders with interesting faces and figures painted on them. The rocks were painted in 1933 by an unemployed engineer named Merle Ratcliff during the depression. Great place for imaginative minds. Olivia was overheard playing Indiana Jones with her friends while Violet had a great time hiking up the hill to the springs with some of her friends. Don't miss the springs while there. It was a great place for me to have fun with the camera and sit and enjoy the beautiful desert with friends.

Livie and friend

The views of the desert were amazing from the tower. There was rose quartz to be found all over the grounds and some very friendly well-cared for dogs and cats. There was beautiful cactus found everywhere. And we spent the day with some really great people (A new unschooler's fun group which explores and gets together all over San Diego-ask me about it if you're an unschooler in S.D.).

A Window silhouette

Desert cacti at the Desert View Tower

Pink cacti

More photos of the day are in my flickr set Desert View Tower. More info about the tower and boulders can be found here. It was an awesome day and a place we're sure to re-visit!
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