Thursday, February 4, 2010

Girl Scout fun and cookie time!!!!!

Livie's 1st time ice skating!
We recently went ice skating with our girl scout troop. It was Livie's first time, and she had so much fun! She used one of these "helpers" that assisted her in getting around the large rink. She must have gone around 5-6 times. Olivia had so much fun that she asked afterwards when the next time will be! So, looks like I'll have to plan another trip there soon.
She had fun hanging out with her friend AJ as she went around and would take little breaks in between. A great thing about our troop is that it is a homeschooling troop so we have about 15 girls now ranging from Daisys to Cadettes. We meet during the day and do many of our activities during the week which allows us to miss the crowds and go to some really fun places. Also, siblings (little brothers and sisters) are included in most of our activities and we have much parent involvement. We couldn't ask for more!

Ice skating buddies

The girls also just started selling girl scout cookies. This year they received the cookies up front and are walking the neighborhoods selling them to the neighbors. A couple of the girls in our troop walked around a shopping strip mall recently. They sold a few boxes of cookies, but mostly had fun hanging out together and having lunch together afterwards.

Prepared with signs and wagon

They've done so many fun activities with their troop this past year. They've gone on some really interesting and fun trips and had some great times camping. Girl scouts is also really big on helping out the community and this year they not only helped the local community but made a donation to the Haiti Earthquake fund. We've got a group of really big hearted girls who have become really good friends. Be sure to support your local Girl Scouts when you can!
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