Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birthday Buddies

Violet & Kai are just a few days apart with their birthdays, so this was the 2nd year they shared a celebration together at the beach with a few of their friends and family. It was a cool, but enjoyable day at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, one of our favorite beaches here in San Diego to enjoy. Violet and Kai, myself and Ginger made some delicious carrot cake and chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with "sand" (graham crackers), blue frosting and mini-umbrellas. The were DELISH! The kids had a blast climbing on Jeff (Kai's dad) and just playing and running in the sand and in the park area. We enjoyed some sandwiches, fruit, chips and drinks. It was a bit chilly to stay into the evening as we usually do, but hopefully with warmer days coming we'll be doing our bonfires again soon!
Here's some fun pics of the kids cliff jumping off of a big sand dune there.

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