Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea & Cake or Death

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That blog title's for an awesome certain new nephew of mine! And also, which references this funny clip. Livie loves this one even more, you can guess why. Our girl scout troop visited For the Love of Cake bakery in Rancho Bernardo recently. The owner, Laurie was very sweet to let us bring our troop of 15 girls plus siblings into her little bakery and showed them around and even let them put sprinkles on their own cupcakes. The kids all loved it and got to enjoy their cupcakes afterwards. She's got some really awesome cakes and goodies there. I especially love that although she went to college (see her bio on her website), she learned her culinary skills as a baker on the job, starting at a Baskin Robbins during high school and working part time at bakerys during her college years and she now owns her own bakery. As unschoolers, I love hearing stories of people following their passions and interests and turning it into a career that they love and I love that my girls get to see that. On another note, I think we must have had over 100 cupcakes this past week. Violet was a busy little baker in our home as she prepared cupcakes for a beach party with friends, for a sleepover with a couple of friends, and then some for Olivia's birthday as well! It's been a very busy and very sweet week for us!
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