Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall

(my SOOC this week)

Juliet's the loviest of them all! Isn't she beautiful? This is our friend Juliet who loves to get her face painted and is a lovely free-spirited, amazing little girl. They had free face painting as well as lots of other free activities and performers at the San Diego ArtWalk last weekend. We went to see Juliet's big sister, Camille perform a couple of dance numbers to Lion King music as well as some other music. She was amazing! We also saw some breakdancers and the girls had a great time hanging out with some more friends that also met us there. Amazing, beautiful S. Cal day! We're so fortunate. Violet enjoyed going booth to booth with one of her friends in the KidsArt area while Olivia enjoyed her time in line, making new friends while waiting for her face to be painted. We also enjoyed some "Cirque de Soliel" type performers from Sophia Isadora's performing arts school.

Here's some more from the day.....

Livie went for a much scarier look!

Two Face

Violet as Mona Lisa, nana always did say she had a "Mona Lisa" smile.

Mona Lisa

One of the awesome breakdancers! I'm sure Olivia picked up a few moves from this group!

One handed Jazzdancer

and the lovely Camille dancing a jazz number.

But...two of my favorite artists are...

Picnik collage

More photos from the day can be found here. And be sure to visit Melody at Slurping Life for more SOOC photos.

(oops, went to link to Melody, but SOOC is not up yet for this week, maybe it will be later so I'll link her site anyway)
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