Monday, May 17, 2010

A tribe of (F)unschoolers & a day in their lives

Kumeyaay rock sculpture

There are so many hidden treasures in San Diego county. And, our group, the Funschoolers finds many of them. A recent outing to Mission Trails Regional Park included a visit to their Visitor's Center where we enjoyed a display of amateur photographer's work, a film -"Trails of the Kumeyaay, highlights the local indigenous people, their culture, traditions and beliefs up to the present day." which my girls and their friends really enjoyed, and playing in the outdoor amphitheater with their friends. I really enjoyed being outdoors in the beautiful sunshine, watching the kids play in the water (a re-creation of a flue that was used to transport water), climbing on the rocks and metal sculptures of coyotes & mountain lions, exploring and playing make-believe. There was lots of wildlife, hummingbirds, finches, phoebes & lizards, native plants such as chaparral and sage scrub, oak trees and cottonwood, beautiful flowering cacti. Such a fun, relaxing day with friends.

Mission Trails Visitor Center - a beautiful interpretive center which has won architectural awards
Mission Trails Regional Park Vistors Center

View of Mission Trails gorge from the Visitor's center (habitat map
Mission Trails Gorge
Livie lovin' on the cougar (mountain lion) saying "take my picture, take my picture!"
loving the cougar
Violet on the sculptures in the Visitor's center. I was told that the sculptures represent the Kumayaay
carved rocks at the visitors center
It was such a peaceful, enjoyable day. Especially visiting it before the summer heat! They had a nice campground we drove by on our way out, and a fishing area at the dam. We'll be sure to visit again someday soon, now that we know about it.

Puttin' the fun in Funschooling!
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