Friday, May 21, 2010

UN Co-op

Orange "hair"

We are part of this very fun co-op we call The UN Co-op because it's mostly comprised of unschoolers and is a very loosely structured activity based co-op. My friend developed the idea based on Sudbury Schools. We meet once a week and everyone brings a craft, activity, something fun and interesting to do. The kids come up with the ideas, and the moms make it happen by bringing the supplies needed. We've had paper making, making volcanoes, using microscopes to observe things, tap dancing, making plays, knitting, baking, drawing, altered books and lots of other fun, interesting stuff. The kids are not required to do any of the activities and can join in if they like or go play with friends. We have Keva blocks, books, legos available as well as many art supplies. We put a schedule on a white board, but it consists of "all day", "before lunch", and "after lunch". You can eat whenever you like, but we usually end up eating together at the same time, often times having potlucks. It's always such a fun time for everyone.

yarn hair face

Above was a face Violet made with yarn as the hair. We also played Apples to Apples (a favorite with everyone), telephone, origami, and Violet brought Pokemon cards and introduced her friends to how to battle.


It's always a fun time and the moms are all very involved.
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