Monday, July 5, 2010

Olivia's style

You lookin' at me?!!!

I love that Olivia has her own style. She's been asking for "shorter hair" for awhile now, so we've been going shorter and shorter....then, one day recently she said "I'm tired of the hair on my neck, I want it all gone". I had her explain to me exactly how she wanted it. She wanted it "short and spiky and white". So, on our way to a friends one day about a week ago we stopped at several salons here in town, none could take her, so I told her we'd try one last place down the hill on our way out to our friends. They took her right in. The lady who cut her hair had very short hair, dyed kind of blondish and was happy to give Olivia exactly what she wanted. In fact, she said she waited until she was 30 to go as short as she did. I'm glad Olivia doesn't have to wait that long to get exactly what she wants for herself. As she was cutting her hair, Olivia was watching in the mirror and had this huge grin on her face the whole time. I asked her how she liked it when she was done and she said "I LOVE IT!!!!"
The white came later, when we stopped at a beauty supply and got the white spray in color and some good gel to make it really spikey!
Olivia's also has never been afraid to let me know exactly what she likes in clothes. She loves silky gym pants, white tee shirts, nice jackets, sleeveless tees, beanies, jazz dance shoes (but mostly goes barefoot). She loves black, red, and white. She loves to create fingerless gloves out of old socks and also likes to wear a pretend "cast" on her foot sometimes (cut up socks or ace bandages).
She's always making me smile with her unique tastes and style. She is so completely "out of the box", uninfluenced by styles other girls her age might be wearing. So brave to be completely who she is, I really admire her. She inspires me to look at who I am, who I really want to be and who I want to see in my reflection.

Cool new hairdo....
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