Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summertime fun with friends

This month has been filled with visits with friends. I find it amazing the number of friends my girls & I have made through the unschooling and homeschooling world. Friends we've met through groups, blogs, conferences as well as old friends we've had since the girls were born and before. Perhaps because we share parenting and learning philosophies they have become really close, true friendships that I foresee lasting a lifetime. Some friends have moved away, but I know that they are friends that will remain in our lives from afar. Thank goodness for the internet!!! My daughters & I maintain and enjoy our friendships through chatting, skyping and playing online games with our good friends. Here's a few pics from recent visits and fun times.

Making duct tape art with our friends Laurun & Elex and their mom Spramani. We met them many years ago when Violet was a Daisy girl scout and the girls were about 5. Olivia was still in diapers and would tag along and play. Now, she's good friends with Elex who loves to skateboard and breakdance. Violet & Laurun are really good friends to this day and share a passion for fashion, art, and acting. While here, the kids took the video camera and created some really funny movies.
getting busy

We also swam and played legos and just enjoyed hanging out and talking.

Some cool duct tape art that they made:

Ducted tophat Masked ducttape girl! Laurun's ducttape journal

We also had a visit from Hailey, daughter to a very good friend of mine that I've known for probably 20 years (wow, does that make me old?). Hailey and Violet are 4 months apart and have basically been friends since birth!!! Hailey is on summer break from school and was able to come down for a few days. Her mom and brother Evan also came down for a day to hang out and swim and play. Violet and Hailey keep in touch during the year through texting and more recently facebook. Did I mention how great FB is for making, and maintaining friendships these days? It really is!

good friends since birth

3 for 1

One day, while swimming, the girls found a little toad in our pool. Being the animal lovers that we are, we decided right there and then to take the little fella down to the local county park where there is a lake so that he could live the rest of his life in a beautiful spot where he'd be sure to meet some lovely female toads! : )

Here he is, straight out of the pool:

We walked down to a beautiful spot at the lake

dos picos park

they said their goodbyes and bid him farewell
at the lake

release dos picos park

be free, little fella, be free.....
there he goes.....

It was a lot of fun, to release him and see him happily hop and swim away.

Another fun visit was with friends from the L.A. area that we met at the Life is Good Conference several years ago. Violet and Jerry became good friends, and his mom Colleen and I really hit it off as well. We enjoy reconnecting at the conferences, but with them in L.A. it's nice that we get to see them several times during the year as well. Last week they were down visiting in Carlsbad and had their family with them. It was nice to meet the rest of the family, and we enjoyed meeting a French boy who came via a house exchange program Colleen has participated in. We enjoyed an international evening as Colleen's brother in law and amazing chef was from Ireland (he cooked a wonderful dinner for us while there), and she also had a good friend who originated from Brazil. Such a fun, interesting evening we had! Colleen has a really insightful, interesting blog called "The New Unschooler". Not so new at it anymore but she writes from the heart and has a lot of insightful thoughts that she shares.

digital natives

Violet borrowed my camera and took some fun shots that evening....

feet & a little head

We continue to enjoy fun times with our Funschooler friends and family. It's been a fun month, and still, we are visiting, swimming, playing with friends. Our life is full and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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