Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy, busy summer

Lots of fun stuff going on this summer. Been very busy.....Thought I'd share a few highlights from it.

Lots of fun times with our Funschoolers group, which is an event based, park days, inclusive radical unschoolers group we joined earlier this year. My good friend, Erika heads it up and it's been very successful with lots of fun activities, get-togethers, field trips. Olivia has been requesting some ice skating for awhile now, so I arranged an ice-skating day in August on one of the hottest days this summer (it was 95ish when we went in)


Both girls had a blast and it was a great way to cool off!

We also went on a tour to Junipero Serro museum in San Diego with our Funschoolers. It was an interesting, fun filled day spent with many friends and playing afterwards.

Junipero Serro Museum
Senorita Violetta
Conquistador Olivia

We've also had a couple of LARP (Live action role play) days with Funschoolers at the park, as well as Warrior Cats role playing with friends.

warrior cat tribe

We've had lots of visits with friends, impromptu science experiments, swimming, cooking/baking new recipes, enjoying lots of backyard fruits, enjoying friends' birthdays, a couple of beach days and a couple of goodbyes..... we'll miss you, dear friends....

It's been an awesome summer, and even more awesome is that it hasn't really ended, sometimes it feels it's just begun, with the beautiful warm weather we've been having lately. With school starting locally this week, it's even greater that all the places we've avoided this summer due to crowds can be once again visited! (museums, beaches, amusement parks)

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