Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just a little backwards....

From Ruben H Fleet Science Museum with SDFS

Might have to go a little backwards with my posts, not sure exactly where I've left off, I think it was Summer and here we are into Fall already, though it doesn't really feel like it the last few days with 90-100s going on. I actually don't mind the heat. I wouldn't do well in cold, rainy weather and I figure 1 weekend of snow up in Big Bear per winter is enough for me! Plus, definitely can't complain about the sunny 70s temp winters we have!
So....we've had a few fun trips lately. Most recently being a trip to the Ruben H Fleet Science Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego. We've been before, but never tire of the fun had there. It's especially fun when we go with friends, and this time we were with a large group, our Funschoolers group (an unschooler's event/field trip based group here in San Diego). It's funny, when we walk up and we see one of our friends running around the fountain barefoot, we know we're in the right place. We carpooled up with some local friends and had a quick snack before going in. The kids get so excited, because there's so much to see and do. They go running from one exhibit to the next and then off again. Some of the favorites were....
The hyperbolic marble shoot
From Ruben H Fleet Science Museum with SDFS

Livie always enjoys these, there was one at Palomar Mountain Observatory which we visited last year.
We also really enjoyed the Keva blocks room, the fog "tornado" table, spinning disk table, and we all still enjoy the Kids Zone.
Such fun times.....we really love our unschooling friends!
From Penny Pickles SDFS

Okay, now for the backwards part....we went to Penny Pickles Workshop, a Children's Museum in Temecula last week. It was also with our Funschoolers group. Penny Pickles is such a fun, interactive museum for kids located in Old Town, Temecula. It'd been awhile since we've been there. I think Livie was about 4 or 5, so it was definitely a different experience for her this time.

From Penny Pickles SDFS
This time, since we were with a group, they had a science experiment demonstration, which was quite fun to watch. We also had fun in the black light room, and were prepared by wearing white and had glow in the dark hair dye sprayed on. Also, some of the kids had "bones" highlighted on their arms and faces which was especially fun to see in the black lights.
From Penny Pickles SDFS
Here's my Royal Violet Goddess in the big Violet chair. She looks at home, maybe we should get one for our home!
From Penny Pickles SDFS

Here's Livie playing a symphony! Who knows, maybe some day she actually will!
From Penny Pickles SDFS
Many more photos can be found here.

An evening picnic

Lastly, we had a really awesome time in Corvallis about 2 weeks back. We caravaned up there with our good friend Erika and her 2 boys to visit our good friends the Sabos. We were invited up to help celebrate Kade's 8th birthday and stayed a few days to visit and play. Half way up we stopped and stayed in Sacramento for a day and two nights and visited the state capitol. We had a wonderful tour of the capitol and even got to go to Senator Kehoe's office and walk around on the Senate floor. It was such a great experience and exciting to learn about the capitol, the senate, and assembly, the political process and so much more.

the girls at Senator Christine Kehoe's desk

Lots more photos from the trip can be found here and here. We've done more since and I'll blog some more later. Always busy, and always enjoying this unschooled life with my girls.
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