Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Officially Fall and time for some Halloween Fun!

lots and lots of pumpkins!

trick or treatin' on main st

Halloween is one of the most fun and favorite holidays of the year. The girls take weeks deciding on costumes, then re-deciding as it approaches. Violet changed her mind several times, choosing a mummy, a punk Alice in Wonderland, a fairy, and finally a hippy. Olivia was easy to please when she came across a Batman outfit she really liked. They both had lots of halloween fun dressing up for the annual Main St Trick or Treating, a dress up Halloween birthday party, and finally on Hallow's eve a party and trick or treating at our friends neighborhood down in San Diego.

We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year, but really enjoyed picking some pumpkins out at our neighbors Russ and Lily's garden. We also got some colorful Indian corn, and some delicious tomatoes!
these are AWESOME!!!

fall colors, my favorite

we met the new calf, Norman


and some new chickens....

new chicks

Homeward with the bounty....

homeward with the bounty

Later in the week they enjoyed designing and carving their pumpkins with Dan & I. Messy, creative fun!
pumpkin carving time with daddy
oh yeah this is the fun part

Even the pets enjoyed some of the yummy pumpkin guts.....

Mimi & Taco enjoying some pumpkin
the girls & their pumpkins

Another fun Halloween was had, and it's actually feeling like Fall, with cooler weather, a bit of rain here and there, and beautiful Fall sunset skies. I'm really enjoying this time of year again!

beautiful skies
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