Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh, where we've been.....


Well, if you've been wondering where we've been.....or not, I've created a new blog which has been taken up my blogging time lately. I haven't left here for good though, and plan to continue to blog our unschooling adventures here. The new blog, "Oh, the places we go", much like this blog, highlights some of the fun, interesting, local (local to San Diego) places, events, things going on and that we've been to recently. My friend Dawn, assists with weekly blog posts and shares her families experiences at the exciting, local places that they go to as well. We also highlight local businesses, especially local mom businesses who are also unschoolers or homeschoolers supporting their families with their businesses. There's a weekly post called LOL, which stands for Lots of Links which highlights upcoming events that are family-friendly, and mostly cost efficient for unschooilng/homeschooling families as well as anyone just looking for fun things to do while in San Diego. I plan to have guest bloggers, occasionally, to change the flavor and spice it up a bit. Feel free to visit, even if you're not local, to see the fun things that can be enjoyed here that are not necessarily the major amusement attractions and normal places one visits while in SD and perhaps you'll pay us a visit sometime ; ) and enjoy them with us! Perhaps you can guest blog for me while you're here! ; )

I hope to keep this blog more for sharing the unschooling aspects of our life with other unschoolers and our family, so should be a bit more personal and light! Oh, and to share my love of photography, of course! Hope you enjoy the beautiful sunset I took recently....it was a beauty, photos do not do it justice!

Thanks for your patience!

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