Friday, May 13, 2011

May Faire Festival

tulip anyone?
We went to the Waldorf School of San Diego's May Faire recently. There was lots of activities going on there. Crafts for the kids, vendor booths, clown and puppet shows, Maypole dance and more.
he's so cute
Olivia really enjoyed the petting zoo. She fed and pet the miniature goats, there were some exotic chickens and a giant rabbit.....I could not believe the size of this bunny! He was as big as the pygmy goats!
& almost as big as Liv!Violet enjoyed making a fairy stick out of a real stick, ribbons, & felt. She also made a flower crown, but didn't get a picture of it.
stylish Violet
I loved this one, though, that I saw an adorable little girl in braids wearing....
braids & flowers
and you know you're sure to see fairies, fairy wings or fairy skirts at a Spring festival....ah, I remember when Violet would wear these.
fairy wear
A very fun day indeed. Hope you're enjoying this lovely Spring time of year.

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