Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chicken Love.....


Violet's been involved with 4H a few years now. The first couple of years we participated n the non-farm animals groups mostly like crafts, dog-training, cooking. We already had a couple of chickens, two frizzles we had been given by our neighbors and Dan had built a chicken coop for them from a kit. This year she decided she wanted to join the poultry group and raise some chicks. A good friends of our already has a a mini-farm going with chickens and goats and was putting in an order for some chicks so we decided to order some bantam sebrights with her order. They are delivered via the post office when they are about a day or two old! This really surprised me, but it was fun to go pick up our chicks from our friends home and bring them home where we had a cage set up with a heating lamp and everything else that they needed. The grew very quickly!! Within a week they were no longer the fluffy little chicks we had received the first day. They had longer feathers growing and were up and very cute! The girls names them Coal, Lacey, Cheese and Fira. It turned out that they were all roosters!! What are the odds of that?

This is our Sebrights at about 2 months old. They have really beautiful coloring.

Our Sebright chicks

We really wanted some egg-laying hens, as we only have one right now. So, we ended up finding homes for them with a very nice family that we met at a chicken meet-up (backyard chickens group) that wanted some smaller chickens for their kids to play with. We currently have 2 roosters and 2 chickens. They are paired off and we keep them separate otherwise the roosters tend to fight over the girls. Sol is a handsome man with beautiful color and takes very good care of his woman. Hans Solo is a frizzle who found a new wife after the original frizzle died. They all seem quite happy.

This is Sol. Isn't he handsome?
early Spring?

Violet's been enjoying her 4H but decided not show at the fair this year. She continues to enjoy going to chicken meet-ups and seeing all the many different breeds and learning about them. She has a good friend who's also very into chickens, we call him the "chicken master" has he knows so very much about them and has cared for ours when we were out of town recently. We still would like to get some more egg layers, but for now our little farm is doing well.

This is a beautiful Silkie we saw at a meet-up. So fluffy and magnificent!

Buff Silkie

This black Silkie was also very beautiful!


Olivia enjoys loving on them too!
A Serama Violet made friends with. They're very sweet birds.
Serama (Full grown!)
This baby emu we saw at another recent cute!

Baby emu

Look at the size of the emu eggs compared to a regular chicken egg!
Emu egg
It's been a fun learning experience and Violet's learned how much work chickens can be (very messy!), but we all chip in and help out as needed.
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