Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life is Good conference (our 5th year!!!!)


It's already been a month since the 5th Life is Good Unschooling Conference. I usually blog about it and post a bunch of pictures, but have been busy with another blog lately. I've really missed this one and as I look through my flickr and picasa accounts I notice how much I've missed posting about. Life goes on whether you blog about it or now. But, I know my mom really enjoys seeing the posts as well as who knows who Hopefully, other relatives that we don't see often are enjoying it.


So let me get on with posting about the conference. It is something the girls and I look forward to every year. Since our good friends, the Sabos moved up to Corvallis, Oregon last year we decided to pay them a visit for a few days pre-conference as well as spending the night with an unschooling family that we met online through our unschooling circles. One could probably travel all over the country stopping and visiting with other unschoolers if one wanted to. It's such an amazing and surprisingly large community.

Matt & Brandi's place in Fenton, CA

We drove up to Felton, CA which is in Santa Cruz and stayed at this really cool house, a geodesic dome house up in the hillsides of Santa Cruz. We stayed with Matt, Brandi, Jacqueline and Joshua. Jacqueline had about has much energy as Olivia so it was great that they played together so well. They also love gaming and many of the same things my girls are into. They were wonderful hosts and it was lovely to meet and become friends with them. The also came up to the conference and we enjoyed hanging out and going to the movies with them while there.

We then made the long stretch up to Corvallis to visit our very dear friends, the Sabos. Jeff, Ginger, Kai and Kade who we became good friends with while they lived down in Carlsbad and were a very integral part of our unschooling community. We missed them dearly..... It was nice to spend down time with them, just hanging out, walking to the park, late nights crafting, playing computer games, wii. We had a really nice time. Thank you Sabos! We love you!!!

corvallis blooms

After a few days we headed up to the LIG conference. We had quite a bit of sprinkles this year but the temperatures really weren't too cold. The drive through Oregon up to Vancouver, WA is really beautiful. Everything is green and blossoms are blooming. Really, really lovely. Portland is a beautiful city. If ever there was a large city I'd live in it'd be Portland.


I'm always a bit anxious when I first arrive at conferences. It can be overwhelming as the masses start to arrive, some I know, many I don't. The lobby quickly fills up, you here laughter, see hugs, see free children smiling, connecting, re-connecting. I get through my anxiety as I start to see faces I know, recieve hugs, settle into our room for a little down time before all the real excitement begins.


There really is so much to do at the conference. There's numerous Funshops most hosted by kids and their parents sharing something fun, interesting, many times different to create or particpate in. This year there was fort building, candy sculptures, Hoopa-Rama (making hula hoops), Warrior Cats (hosted by Violet, Kai, & Astrid), juggling, skateboarding, geocaching, fingerknitting, Where are your Keys?(learning language), Mine crafting (they actually created a virtual LIG conference, so cool!!!) and so much more.....


There's wonderful entertainment. We had Amy Steinberg, Kimya Dawson, the Greybeards. We heard Patti Digh, author of Life is a Verb and blog, 37 days.

There were wonderful speakers talking about various topics, not just unschooling which included the Lovejoys, and the Sabos, Laura Flynn Endres. There were circle chats, a very entertaining Film Festival, Art Gallery, Untrepreneurial Fair where many beautiful, handmade items were being sold. Dances, talent show, picnic in the park. It was a very full weekend!

Presententation recordings will be available for sale for the 2011 conference, if you were not present at the conference on the website soon. And, prior year's are also available there.

This was the largest LIG conference yet. I don't know the numbers, but look at all of the unschoolers that showed up at the picnic on Memorial Day. Such an awesome thing to see so many happy, fun-loving kids in one place! (Olivia's down in the center in red). Violet was off playing as were many other kids, so this isn't even ALL of them!


Life is Good is such an inspiring, life-choice affirming, fun conference. This was our 5th and I'm sure we'll be back for as long as Mary Gold continues to provide it. Thank you Mary! And, all those that support her in making it happen every year!

Mandy, Violet & Olivia


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