Monday, August 8, 2011

It's been a fun & busy Summer!

We've done so many fun and exciting things this summer. I'm just gonna bunch them all in one post and share many photos of the fun times that we've had.

We started the summer with a Zodiac LARP (Live action role play) with our Funschooler's (radical unschoolers) group. LARPs are always so much fun. Some kids dress up with the theme, some kids dress up in other costumes and some don't dress up at all. Sometimes moms (& dads) dress up and there's usually fun theme-related games, crafts, foods to go along with it. For the Zodiac LARP we had it at beautiful Big Rock Park in Santee. It's a beautiful park for role playing because there's a castle play structure, lots of trees and a creek that runs through it. I brought some Zodiac charts, which indicated your sign and information about that sign. Both the mamas & the kids had a lot of fun with them.

July 4th we hosted a Funschoolers Pool/BBQ Potluck and later watched fireworks from the local Jr. High School. There was lots of delicious dishes, many of them vegetarian and vegan, some international dishes, and some BBQ for the meat eaters in the group. The kids all had a wonderful day swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and playing with their friends. It was a wonderful way to spend the 4th, with great friends!

Also, in July we had another LARP, this one a Mythology LARP. We dressed up as our favorite Greek Mythology characters, had fun role-playing, playing board games, reading about Greek Mythology books that someone had brought and played in the playground. I brought some ivy vines, wire and floral tape and made some awesome ivy laurels (If I do say so myself!). Everyone loved them!

We went to Comic-Con for the very first time! A good friend invited us for the day and it was such a good time! Both the girls really loved it and really want to go again someday.

Darth & Clone trooper with the girls
Olivia was in Lego and Star Wars heaven, and Violet was too as well, with the Vocaloid posters, dolls, as well as Pokemon, and other anime that was there.
She loves her Hatsune poster!!!!HatsuneMiku
We enjoyed a Good Vibrations Pre-con, non-con beach day with some unschoolers from the local SD area and also from the LA area.

my cutie!

We've enjoyed a couple of beach days with friends and lots of pool days at home and local with friends. We've been ice skating a couple of times, yes Ice Skating in August is the best!
We've had several visits to local museums like the Flying Leatherneck in Miramar, the Timken in Balboa Beach and the Mingei to see the Maneki Neko exhibit! Next week we'll be going to the Museum of Man with an unschooling group. We took a tour of the Lindberg Airport, where we actually rode a VIP bus on the road around the airstrip. It was amazing to see the number of airplanes coming in and out of that airport daily. They also have a new "green" terminal they are building. We got to see the Bomb sniffing canines in action through a demonstration that the airport tour included.

We've been to a couple of plays, the amazing and indescribable Festival of Arts-Pageant of the Masters, in which a new friend who is an unschooling mom, Tiffani Bearup was one of the models (from and also upcoming speaker at Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference. She so kindly gave us a tour of the backstage where we saw the backdrops, the make-up room, wigs, and actually met the director while there!

We've had fun creating rockets, lava lamps, fairy houses, and creating windchimes, jewelry, masks from clay. Had out of town friends visit and well as grandma & grandpa from Arizona visiting.

Such a busy summer!! And, we're really looking forward to the upcoming Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference in Del Mar September 8-11th. This'll be the 2nd year for GV and there's some wonderful Funshops, entertainment, Speakers and activities planned. Olivia will be hosting a Lego Ninjagos Funshop, so if you go please be sure to visit us! Entertainment includes the amazing Amy Steinberg. There will be beach parties, pool movie night, surfing lessons, open mic night, and a post conference picnic in the park!

good vibrations

OH, I'm exhausted just reading all this back! But, really, it's been fun, it's been full, and everyday is spent enjoying life and being fully in every single moment! Thank you dear friends for being in our life and thank you to my dear hubby, Dan, who doesn't always get join in on all of the fun, but is being supportive and joins in as frequently as he can!

Happy Summer!


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