Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Week of Halloween

From San Diego Safari Park
Halloween seems to have become one of the most celebrated holidays lately. It has with our family anyway.... I actually had to turn down some events, it became too much. Anyone who even thinks of saying homeschoolers/unschoolers are unsocialized, obviously doesn't know my kids! We went to a Ghouls and Goblin LARP with our unschooling group the San Diego Funschoolers, an evening time Halloween Party, also with our unschooler friends, a neighborhood Halloween party, Violet went to an anime/Halloween party, trick or treating on Main St, and Trick or Treating on actual Halloween with some good friends in town. We also went to Oma's Pumpkin Patch and had a fun time being with friends and coming home with yet 2 more pumpkins!!! I wanted to get to a Dia de los Muertos celebration as there were several going on in San Diego, but we all came down with colds towards the end of it all and decided to spend a few days at home recuperating.
From 2011-11-01
We had fun growing our own pumpkins this year. What started as accidental patch (from seeds thrown over the fence the year prior), was soon added to and we ended up with about 11 pumpkins this year! The girls and Dan had a lot of fun carving them and made some really great designs! We also decorated the front porch even though we don't get any Trick or Treaters.....the house are too far and few between I think it must be too much for the neighborhood kids. We got to enjoy it though, and it looked great! We even had C.C. the rescued feral cat join in the decorative look.
From Instant Upload
The girls both got a ton of candies. When we were Trick or Treating on Main St, we walked by one store on our way back to the car and some ladies out in front (of a salon) asked Livie didn't she want some candy? Livie replied that her cauldron (candy bucket) was already full so "no thank you". They all started laughing at her (which I wasn't happy about and was afraid it would embarass Livie) startled that a kid would turn down some candy, I guess.... Livie was okay about it, she thought they were silly women. When we went trick or treating with friends, Livie was quickly done after a couple of streets and we headed back while Violet continued to have fun with friends Trick or Treating and checking out all the really cool and sometimes scary decorations in the neighborhood (this neighborhood really goes all out!)
It was a fun week. We also made a trip to the Safari Park with friends we don't see as often, so it was an overall wonderful week!
Hope you had fun as well!

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