Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day fun

This is the 2nd year in a row that we hosted an Earth Craft Day at our home for our unschooling group, the San Diego Funschoolers. I always end up having more ideas for recycled crafts than I  have time! I got many of my ideas this year from Pinterest. Have you discovered Pinterest yet? Um, yeah, set aside several hours if you have it.... It really is a lot of fun and you can end up spending a lot of time playing around with it. I really do think it's a great resource for unschoolers, though. I see it as a "strewing" site, to store many ideas that I can share with the kids, our unschooling group, or things that I might want to do on my own. It's great that you can compartmentalize all the ideas and it's easy to  go back and find stuff when you need it. I created a Earth Day crafts board for all the great ideas that I wanted to share on our Earth Craft Day. I had many moms available to help with the many tables and "stations" we had set up. My good friend Spramani set up a Recycled City art project that was a big hit with everyone, moms included, and will be shown at the San Diego Earth Day celebration in Balboa Park this weekend. We made recycled paper, art with toilet paper rolls, tile remnants mosaic, puzzle piece artwork, a the Recycle City art project. Kids were making animals, play guns, people out of the toilet paper rolls. We also had a used clothes/toys swap that was so popular we may do it quarterly with our group.

   Here's a few pics from the day, of recycled crafts that you might like to try with your kids sometime:

 Recycled trash city

Recycled tile remnants mosaic

  #6 plastic shrinky dink art

 more shrinky dink art
 recycled paper

A "bling-i-fied" blown out egg by my good friend Erika, and owner of the Funschoolers group made.

It was a really fun day. Some kids joined in on the crafts, some just enjoyed playing with friends and jumping on the trampoline, playing with Legos, playing air hockey and other fun stuff to do that was available. Moms had just as much fun doing crafts alongside the kids as just hanging out and chatting with other unschooling mamas and kids. 

Can't wait for next year! Though I'm sure we'll be doing more recycle crafts throughout the year!

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