Thursday, May 3, 2012


We said goodbye to our beautiful boy, Bone, this week. He was in our lives for 13 years and came to us when he was 4 years old. Violet was just walking when he came and Olivia wasn't even born yet. He was the most amazing pet we've ever had. So gentle, so loving, so sweet.  We loved taking him camping with us. He'd always go to bed when the sun went down. He loved everyone who gave him some attention. He had a smile, where he'd show his teeth, it was the funniest thing. Domino, our cat, loved him very much as well. He'd rub up against Bone when he'd come in and sometimes cuddle up next to him.

These last few years, Bone really slowed down. He spent most of his days sleeping. He enjoyed his dinner meals and an occasional snack. The arthritis was so bad in his back legs, we were giving him pain pills and joint muscle medicine to help him out. Occasionally, he'd get some energy and walk around in the back yard, then roll around for a good scratch. After putting wood floors in, we had to put down some carpet runs to help him get around as he'd slip on the floors. Towards the end, we just couldn't even get him up. Weighing about 90 lbs, he was too heavy for me or my daughters to get him up. His eyesight and hearing were not good. He used to get up and greet us when we'd come home, or if out back rush to the fence and await anxiously for us to let him back in the house. Had he been a smaller breed he definitely would have been a lap dog! We loved Bone so much and are going to miss him so deeply. Many of our friends had met him and grown to love him as much as we did. It warms my heart to know that. It was so very hard to say goodbye, it was really hard on the girls as well, and we all hugged and told him how much we loved him and how much he meant to us. We're still going through the grief and moments of sadness and moments of happiness when we remember all the wonderful things that we loved about him. He was camera shy and would avoid the camera whenever possible but I do have a collection of pictures I've taken of him through the years and you can enjoy them here.

We'll Miss You Bone!!!

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