Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kite Flying at Mission Bay

From SDFS Kite Flying at Mission Bay

We had a fun time kite flying with our unschooling group this week down at Mission Bay Park in San Diego. It was wonderful weather, clear skies and windy enough to keep the kites up in the sky. We had a beautiful assortment of kites. Cost Plus has some really great kites if you're looking for one. We actually got ours (below) at a yard sale, gotta love those yard sales...I find so many wonderful things!

From SDFS Kite Flying at Mission Bay

From SDFS Kite Flying at Mission Bay

Here's some cool Dragon Kite's I lomo effected, just for fun, but they really are quite colorful as you can see in the first photo (SOOC) up above. 

From SDFS Kite Flying at Mission Bay

Violet and a friend flying kites, above.

It was a great area for kites just east of Fiesta Island and there were several other kiters out there. It's a wide open grassy area right next to a huge park with lots of fun playground equipment. There was lots of blossoming clover in the grass, and sadly, Olivia got stung by a bee, but fortunately recovered quickly. Some of the kids were playing Magic the Gathering as they often do at our park days, and many were over on the monkey bars monkeying around. It was a gorgeous day, so perfect to be out in the sunshine. 

Hope your week was great!

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