Monday, August 12, 2013

A Flavorful (& Colorful) month of Pomegranates, Pride Flags, and VidCon

(Fandom musings on a whiteboard at our monthly Lego/Crafts/Games Club at the Library)

We are mid-move and I'm taking a little break this morning, reading some blogs and some fun links I came across on facebook. The girls are still sleeping and I'm enjoying a cuppa and just enjoyed a chat with my mom on the phone. Reading other blogs inspires me to check in and write about what's been happening around here. There's the moving thing....which was a really sudden decision and just happened by chance. I was driving home from the store and saw a sign in a nice neighborhood, that said 4 bedroom house with pool for a really decent price (for San Diego). I drove by and it was surrounded by trees and plants and if you know me at all you know I love trees and plants! It was on a quiet cul-de-sac in a nice neighborhood on a hill. There was other people looking at it so I didn't go up, but told my husband about it when we got home. I had taken a picture with my phone of the sign so that we could call about it. My husband called and he and Violet went to have a look. They both really liked it, so I also went later to have a look. With the market and economy being what it is, there were a LOT of people interested in. We moved quickly and let them know we were interested and low and behold we got it! We're pretty excited and have spent the past week packing up and getting ready. I'll show some pictures once we get settled in. Here's one of one of the pomegranate trees, yum, we'll get to enjoy pomegranates soon!

From August 4, 2013
On to what we've been up to, or rather the girls have been up to. July brought with it a visit from friends that Livie met at LIG two years ago. They're a really nice unschooling family that enjoys many adventures and it's always a treat to see them and hang out with them. The dad's from Australia and loves to surf and the mama teaches cello lessons and is just very sweet and fun to hang out with. The boys both love Minecraft and running around and playing (lots of energy!) which makes them great friends for Livie to hang with.  They came down for a visit and we went to the beach with them and just had some fun hanging out. We'll be seeing them again in October.
Livie's also been spending a lot of her evenings out front riding her scooter with friends that she's made in the neighborhood. It's funny that most of the friends that she meets and becomes friends with are often times younger than herself. Being a younger sister though, I think it makes her feel good to be the older, wiser kid in the group.

Violet had a Teen party with some local unschooling friends that she invited. They played some music, had snacks and sodas, chatted and played games. One of Violet's favorites right now is Cards against Humanity, which she discovered at LIG this year.  She and her friends were laughing so hard I could hear them from the house (I stayed outta their way to give them some space to talk freely). We set up the back yard with tables and lights and had it in the evening. I started a fire in the pit for s'mores and they hung out there for a few hours. She's looking forward to more teen get togethers with her friends.

From Tween/Teen Party at Violet's

We had a creative showcase for our unschooling group at the library. So many talented young people we have in our group. We had art, stories, singing, cartwheels and light saber action play. As you can see in the 1st photo above, they always enjoy writing on the large white board while there. You can definitely see what all the kids are into through their writings.

From SDFS Creative Showcase at 4S Ranch Library

From SDFS Creative Showcase at 4S Ranch Library
July was Pride parade month in San Diego, so we got together with friends and made pride flags. Though we didn't make it to the parade we often talk about equality and fairness for all and we celebrated the overturning of Prop 8 here in California. We're so excited that one of our friend's moms are going to get married next month and we will get to celebrate with them! We're so honored.

From Making Pride Parade flags
From Making Pride Parade flags
Another really exciting thing we did was go to Vid Con. I'll have to write an individual post for that and maybe Violet will help, but she got to meet so many YouTube Vloggers that she watches and admires while there. I took a lot of photos her with some of her favorites. She had been wanting to go SOOO badly, and we fortunately were able to get some waiting list tickets, just in time. I can't tell you how many times she thanked me and filled my heart to see her so excited and happy about going. Thanks to my mom and dad for letting us stay over so we were a bit closer driving back and forth and for helping out with some of the costs.

For now, I'll leave you with a photo of one of my favorite viral video stars, YosemiteBear of Double Rainbow fame.

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