Monday, January 27, 2014

Celebrating turning 50

So I turned 50 in October. How could I not write about that. It felt like such a milestone and fortunately I'm in a really good spot in my life. I enjoyed celebrating with my family and also with some women friends.

I didn't take many photos myself, as I was too busy enjoying myself, as it should be. The one above is of me and my sweet friend, J. Lee  from our unschooling group. I wish I could have had a photo with all my friends, but I want them to know how very grateful I am to have them in my life. A special thanks to my dear friend Spramani, who put together the celebration with Indian food and beautiful decor. We had it out back in the evening with some Indian music and tealights, painting a collaborative painting, henna painting, yoga, dancing and just a lot of laughter and fun.

There's many wonderful things about turning 50 and entering the 2nd half of a century of life. I've been through so many experiences in my life, some harder than others, but it's made me stronger, wiser, more resilient, more compassionate, more aware, more spiritual, and ever so more grateful for the gifts and blessings that I do have. May you celebrate yourself at whatever phase of life you are in. Celebrate it with grace, love, family and friends.

Thanks for sharing mine.


Here's a few that my mom took.

 The food table
 The table we sat at to eat
 Beautiful Indian themed artwork that Spramani brought
 Violet and me
 Spramani and her handsome man, Andre served up the spread
 Me, enjoying some yummy dessert (with a photobombing Violet)
A collaborative painting

Here is a beautiful bouquet that my husband brought me.

Earlier in the week, on my actual birthday I went to dinner with my family at Hacienda de Vega, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in the area. It was great to spend it with my mom and dad, husband and the girls. Such a beautiful place to celebrate.

Dan and I also celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. It's been a lovely year and I'm excited about what the future brings! I love you honey!


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